How to Write an Awesome CV for Your First Job

The average person changes jobs 10 -12 times throughout the course of their lifetime. That means they create at least 12 different versions of their CV during that time. But the Difficult version of them all is always the first. The first thing you need to know about writing your first CV is that there are different kinds of CV formats, each serving a very different purpose. You can use CV Writing Service to Write an Awesome CV for Your First Job.

CV Writing Service

The chronological CV, which is the most common of them all, is used to emphasize an applicant’s employment history. It starts by listing their professional experience in reverse chronological order and is ideal for job seekers who have a strong, solid work history.

As an entry-level candidate with little to no work experience at all, though, you’ll be best suited to a skills-based CV that focuses your application around your skills and attributes. You’ll still include your work history (if applicable), but your skills will take center stage here, offering you the opportunity to better sell yourself by matching your skillset to the job requirements

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A skills-based CV is typically separated into the following sections (in this order):

  • Header
  • Summary
  • Skills
  • Work experience
  • Education
  • Hobbies and interests
  • References

One of the biggest mistakes is that job seekers make over and over again is ditching the cover letter. Despite what some people might tell you, Cover Letters are not dead.

They’re still very much alive and they can prove incredibly valuable in presenting yourself to potential employers as a well-rounded candidate.  The only time you shouldn’t send a cover letter is when you’re specifically asked not to do. Otherwise, you should always accompany your CV with a well-written letter, which should be targeted to the specific employer and job you’re applying for, about a page long, straight to the point, and which complements not regurgitates your CV.

Meanwhile, if you’re really struggling with writing your CV, why not let the experts take the burden off you? Our professional CV writers have extensive CV Writing experience across all major industries and are just a click away to help you craft a document you’ll be proud of!

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