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Rejection is an essential aspect of career exploration. There is so much that you don’t do with your every job you land. It is often not going to be really clear that you often do not get a job.

You can ask the recruiter why you were not selected and also get some positive input. However, in almost all situations, the interviewers would either not respond to input requests or make any such justification: “When you were a suitable candidate, we chose someone who was more efficient.”

Here are five reasons for not getting any job offer,

1. You are qualified but boring

Unfortunately, in general, it is not enough to bid. Hiring managers conduct several interviews per day, sometimes back-to-back. And if you have good credentials, you’re going to have a hard time making your way to the selection list, if he or she needs to go back to your records to even know who you are.

2. Lack Interview Skills

You may have the right skills to achieve in the house, but whenever you sit in front of the hiring manager, you constantly put your foot in your mouth. Maybe you are trying to kick your former manager or friends under the bus, so you will not get down like a team member.

3. Your CV Needs Improvement

Your CV is potentially one of the most important reasons you don’t get an interview. Your submission is the first experience that the hiring manager has with you and the first stage of being interviewed. If your CV does not highlight your skills well, is lacking in personality or lacks keywords, then you will not be selected to proceed in the recruitment process.

4. Your expectations are high

It is difficult to be flexible with your salary and reward requirements If you can manage to be flexible. Some workers will ask for the expected pay package, while others may have a fixed hourly rate. Going to an interview with a list of non-negotiable terms can be a warning sign for applicants.

5. Showing lack of passion

Employers may feel that there is not enough enthusiasm for a role. Skills can be learned, but managers want to see enthusiasm and dedication when considering candidates.

Find out how happy you are about a role in your cover letter and during your introductory interview. Read the details and study the organization carefully before applying for the position.

CV writers know what employers want to test

As career experts, professional CV writers in the UAE understand what hiring managers are looking for when they read CVs. Not only do they learn how to tailor your CV to make it easy to read, but they will also collaborate with you and focus on the skills, talents, successes and interactions that can stand you apart.

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