How to Beat The Competition with a Professional CV?

Make it clear; Your CV is a representation of yourself, so it is essential that it is set well and looks more professional. With competition at all high levels in the employment market, you need to ensure that you do not blend into the background.

Creating an original and creative CV from scratch can be a heavy task, but you should do so with some qualified support.

Is Your CV Unprofessional?

Your CV needs to be thorough and flawless because if not, the content presented will certainly not take a second look from any hiring manager.

Sloppy CVs littered with typing errors will be omitted and incorrectly fitted CVs may not get a second look.

Tips for creating a professional CV

Choose your latest CV and give it a professional boost with the following tips:

1. Choose the best CV type

There are various types of use of CVs to apply for job openings. Select a chronological, interactive, concatenated or targeted CV based on specific circumstances. It is worth taking time and effort to choose the right form of CV for your situation.

2. Select the simple font

Your CV is meant to be easy to read. You want the hiring manager to read and understand your job experience and achievements quickly. Use a readable font; Make sure the font is not too big or too small.

Avoid compact text blocks and use regular margins. Using white or cream-colored papers if you submit a real CV; Colored paper can be quite distracting.

3. Mind the Tenses

You will deliver your CV in a way that allows the hiring manager to assess the sequence of your successes, activities, jobs, etc., just on the bio-data in sequential order starting with the most recent. Details placed, performed, or presented. And ending as soon as possible.

4. Keep the formatting consistent

Professional CVs require frequent drafting. For example, if you use bullet points to explain your roles and achievements in one situation, be sure to use bullet points in your other roles as well.

5. Keep it focused

It is important not to use external materials. Everything is not always better. Your CV will reflect the qualities and strengths that suit you for a situation. It is going to be good to do something that does not help you with the job you deserve.

The CV cannot be longer than a few pages for the typical job seeker, a one-page CV is usually sufficient, perhaps two pages maximum.

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As career experts, Professional CV writers in UAE understand what recruit managers are looking for while they’re reading CVs. Not only do they learn how to structure your CV so that it’s easier to read easily, but they will also collaborate with you and concentrate on the talents, successes, and interactions that can make you stand out the most.


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