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Professional CV writer
Professional CV writer

Dubai is a fast-growing tourist destination. Unlike other GCC countries, traveling to Dubai is quite easy. Centrally located and with modern society, Dubai is a prime choice for many people to work and live. As a result, there are a huge number of professionals from all over the world who are looking to get hired and the demand is not as high. Most of the people struggle to get a job in Dubai. The recruitment process in UAE is very different from other parts of the world. Thus, having a good understanding of the process can help you find a job. This process mainly depends on the position you are aiming for.

The Recruitment Process

For higher management profiles, the process is very slow and companies are willing to spend on recruitment agencies to hire the right candidate. There are also several rounds of interviews before a candidate is hired. For junior positions, companies generally prefer to hire someone who is immediately available and already holds a valid residence visa.

A resume or CV is given a lot of importance in Dubai. An employer will generally decide based on your CV whether they want to invite you for an interview. Also, since there are no anti-discrimination laws in Dubai, your age, gender and nationality may be deciding factors.

Importance of CV Writing

It is essential that you have a professional CV and cover letter to attract attention. On average, an employer receives thousands of applications. You can’t have a generic CV that doesn’t effectively market your skills. Hiring a professional CV writer in Dubai is a good idea as they understand the local mindset and develop their resume accordingly.

Maintaining Online Presence

Another common practice in Dubai is higher through networking sites and internal contacts. Simply sending a bunch of applications will not suffice. You have to get out there and network with your contacts who work in Dubai. Therefore, having a strong LinkedIn profile is extremely beneficial.

Make sure you apply for the right positions and follow up on a regular basis. Research the local market and focus your energy on industries that are still growing and where your chances of finding a job will be high.

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