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The population in the Middle East region and Dubai in particular consists of highly skilled, well-educated, and young individuals. If their skills are used effectively they have the potential to enhance the future development of the country. They need to be provided with the right employment opportunities to reach their full potential.

Desired Job Seekers Get the Right Jobs in UAE

The UAE is known to be a hub of highly skilled jobs. However, the MENA sector as a whole ranks low in utilizing its human capital potential. This means that even though skilled persons are available to work in the country, they are not being hired for the right jobs or are completely unemployed. This skill gap between employers and job seekers can be due to various reasons. One of the main reasons is that job seekers do not get the right platform to showcase their talent.

Some are not able to effectively communicate their skills to employers. Lastly, many employers receive a large amount of applications and are not able to identify the right talent through a CV as it is often very poorly written. Top Resume writing service & Resume Distribution service providers can perform the most important role to find your desired jobs.

Another challenge facing job seekers is job automation in various sectors. It is estimated that about 50 percent of jobs in the UAE could be automated in the coming years. The same goes for other countries in the region like Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt. On the other hand, the number of educated talent pools in this sector is projected to grow by 50 percent. These two factors combined can mean a high level of unemployment in the sector especially for the younger population who are planning to look for a job after completing their education.

Contact the Leading Resume Writing & Distribution Company in Dubai, UAE

Professional Resume writing companies in Dubai and Gulf are doing their part to solve these issues. A professional Resume writer ensures that your skills and achievements are effectively marketed to potential employers. Thus, your chances of finding the most suitable employment for your skills increase. Professional resume writing not only gives you a solid foundation in the form of a well-written profile but also builds your confidence by helping you identify your unique area of ​​excellence.

The job management services offered by these organizations help you target the right jobs at the right time. CV distribution services ensure that you always stay ahead of your competition by contacting employers first. This places you at the top of the candidate database and ensures that your profile is ranked higher when an employer searches for skilled candidates.

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