How to Win Clients and Influence Markets with CV WRITING

The demand for CV Writers has grown tremendously over the past few years. This is because employers do not have time to sift through the thousands of CVs they receive.

Employers want a well-Written CV that is right to the point and tells them how the potential recruit can add value to their company.

Prioritize the order of your CV

Your skill and expertise should be top-notch. Doesn’t focus on your personal achievements – you only get a short snapshot of your skills and experience to sell? Discuss your love of fishing in the interview (if relevant), not in your CV Writing.

Back up your claims

Make sure you use verbs and back them up with quantitative data. If you say your marketing campaign increased sales, say by how much or provide an example.

Don’t make it too long

I don’t think one to two pages is adequate for a senior candidate with a wealth of experience, but shorter is defiantly more desirable. Somewhere in the four-page range for a senior candidate, in my opinion, is suitable.

A well- CV Writing should also cover important topics such as your objective, motivation for moving on, all roles detailed to include key tasks, leadership responsibilities, budgets, KPIs and how you met them, projects, outcomes, and accountabilities.

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