Latest Job Search Trends for Job Seekers in UAE

Latest Job Search Trends for Job Seekers in UAE

Job trends keep job seekers on their toes. There are things about a job search that keeps on changing, and thus a job searcher should be aware of them so that he/she does not lag behind the competition and is able to attract the attention of recruiters.

Multi-skilled is a huge demand

Being multi-skilled is a huge advantage these days as businesses are getting digitized, and people are looking to hire candidates who have multiple skills. If an online marketing person has a certification in insurance, he can easily switch to marketing insurance products.

Experience counts the most

Skills are constantly being upgraded through online certifications that are adding value to past experiences and degrees earned, so stop highlighting schools. A good experience in a notable organization will do the trick. Emphasizing this will immediately attract the attention of recruiters. Highlight your expertise using meaningful and trending verbs and adverbs.

Trending keywords in resumes increase views significantly

These days AI and algorithms are used to shortlist candidates on the basis of their job profile, skills, qualifications, experience, and other parameters. An online search with important keywords leads to the resumes of candidates who have trending keywords in their resumes. If your resume doesn’t show up in the results, you won’t be seen anywhere. Professional writers like Careerzooom are aware of the trending keywords that will make your resume more visible to the recruiters in their database.

Video resumes

Video resumes are also on trend in the job market which showcase the skills and qualifications and other important traits in a beautiful video in a short amount of time. This is ideal for recruiters who have little time to read every resume.

Use the Job Portals

You must have downloaded a lot of apps on your phone. But it’s time to download apps from popular job portals that instantly let you know about the hottest jobs in your preferred fields. Alert that you will never miss out on any of the best job opportunities that you were looking for.

Last Thought

If you are not aware of the latest job trends, you always have the option to seek professional CV writing help. The experts at Careerzooom provide professional CV writing and CV distribution services. Contact the experts now and speed up your job search to land your dream job. They provide personalized job hunting services, SEO CVs, and other allied services.

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